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Bump up your sales, whether you are an independent or a large nationwide catering company many caterers across the U.K. are joining and benefiting from our new unique service and watching their sales grow
Receive Orders
Receive Orders

Via our FREE POS system instantly and by email.

Prepare and Deliver
Prepare and Deliver

Deliver the food like you would normally.

Get Paid Any time
Get Paid Any time

Our Advanced Payments System lets you track funds and Withdraw at Any time.

Instant Setup
Instant Setup

Smiply Register. and start adding menus yourself, change them on your POS or in your account instanty.

No Subscriptions
No Subscriptions

There is no subscription for our services and POS system.

Plenty of tools FREE

Create coupons, promotions, and manage your business via our absolutaly FREE POS system and MORE.


At quick buffet, you can
  • Change your menus,
  • Generates coupons, (money off and percentage off coupons with custom coupon codes)
  • Create promotions – buy one get one free, buy one get one half price and many more
  • Run multiple locations of your simply separate business under one account
  • Manage your customer lists
  • Manage your orders and staff
  • Take bookings, take telephone orders and receive online order instantly in our FREE POS system
  • Manage telephone orders
  • Manage your café orders
  • Receive online orders instantly
  • Get your coupons and promotions emailed to your customers and broadcast over multiple social networks instantly.

All instantly and at the whim of click!



Online Menu Yes Yes Yes
Online Menu Yes Yes Yes
Online Ordering Yes Yes Yes
Bid on jobs Yes Yes Yes
Free POS (Unlimited) Single Store Unlimited Unlimited
Order Booking Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Shops Single Shop Unlimited Unlimited
Coupons Yes Yes Yes
Promotions Yes Yes Yes
Customer List Yes Yes Yes
Commission 12% 9% 6%
Promotion Pack Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes (Phone/Emai) Yes (Phone/Emai) Dedicated
Featured Listing No No Yes
POS Printer/Tablet No No Yes
Cost Free £ 30/Month £50/Month
Extra POS Terminal £ 20/Month £20/Month £20/Month


MunchiePOS, our feature rich POS system is completely FREE mobile and touch screen compatible POS system that lets you receive your online order and tack telephone orders.

Use it in your operations, at multiple sites FREE of charge. Only pay commission on orders we deliver to you from your online customers and nothing more.
  • Telephone orders
  • Online orders
  • Walk-in customer's orders
  • Booking orders/Tables
  • Add/Edit/Delete menus
  • Synch menu between POS and online menu instantly
  • Split Check management
  • Staff Clock-in/Clock-out
  • Staff Takings Reports
  • General Ledger Reports



We're small start-up, for caterers by caterers so expect all the benefits of working with a small team: We're savvy, self-driven and focused on delivering solutions that help our customers with their catering needs. Ample opportunities for collaboration with a group of smart, savvy and self-driven people constant opportunities for growth and development in a new ways.

Despite being a new startup, we have to backing one of the largest food distributor in UK. That means we got to combine the flexibility of being a startup with the stability of an established company that is already a leader in a space.

Our headquarter offices are located in London, but we are truly a global company, with team members around the U.K., and in the U.S., Australia and India.

Local customers are looking for you online. Make sure it's you who gets their order!

QuickBuffet is the UK's leading online buffet and out side caterer website 3.2 million visits to the website per month - this has almost doubled since 2010 There are 13 million people regularly online who order a takeaway twice a month Put your menu on our service and you'll instantly connect with local customers already ordering over the internet

Features & Benifits

. Get orders in real time direct to your email
. Manage your menu and page with awesome features!
. Custom admin area
. Bid on jobs
. Make more money and access new clients.

We work hard for you

We'll make you your own FREE website with a direct link to your menu.We promote the website we build for you on search engines like Google You will be supported by a dedicated customer care and account management team
We invest more in marketing than any other brand in the sector, making sure the orders keep coming. You can watch our prime time TV ads here.

How Quick Buffet works

Customer finds Quick buffet on the internet or on their smart phone Customer enters their postcode to find the restaurants that deliver to their area Customer orders from the online menu.
Customer pays you directly and we send you a copy of the order. We wil send you an invoice as soon as the order is complete for our comission. Its that simple!


We love looking after our customers be it the caterers or users buying from our caterers. It's the sole reason we exist. We work every day to help you find a caterer and help you deliver saving where possible and also to get our caterers found in the online world. Our work on our ranking is a daily job we're all devoted to in this endeavour.


We're self-motivated bunch. Our founder opted out of going to university and instead thaught himself to code. All as FOODies need to be self-starter, ready to chart new courses.

Get things done

We're all about getting the job done. Talk is task, but great meals don't come from talking. We FOODies like to roll up our sleeves and great things done.


We like smart people. Book smarts are great, but so are practical smarts (hint: our founder didn't go to college). We're not all prodigies, but we're hungry to learn and apply our smarts to the goal.

Passion for food

Is it obvious how much we love food? FOODies spend our days helping restaurants thrive, so it goes without saying that food, whether dining out or eating in, is a critical passion.

Desire to help the little guy

Who doesn't love an underdog? Well our job is to help the little guys grow and succeed beyond their expectations, so FOODies need to be ready and willing to help.

Global mindset

Food is global phenomenon and FOODit is a global company. Even just working with the restaurants around London requires us to be multilingual and cross-cultural. We FOODies love this big crazy planet of ours and we hope it shows.

Basic Service

£49.99 £19.99

  • This is a Basic Service for budding buffet service providers
  • Membership Limit 1 year
  • Sell limit : 1000
  • Usage: Unlimited

Premium Service

£199.99 £99.99

  • This is an exclusive service that gives unlimited features as well as FREE exclusive membership on The U.K's No. 1 Trade and Business Forums UKTBF see Your service is also listed FREE on Four Directories -,, and This is indeed a Feature Rich Service
  • Membership Limit 1 year
  • Sell limit : 5000
  • Usage: Unlimited

Get inspiration for your Buffet Service

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