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5 Things to Do to Cut Your Wedding Budget

 When a couple falls in love and decides to get married and have a wedding, everyone is happy. And why shouldn’t they be? Love is a beautiful thing that needs to be celebrated. However, the anxiety and worry that usually befalls the couple as they plan their wedding is tremendous. Many people end up developing cold feet and not going through with the wedding because of the budgets. However, there are some things you can do to celebrate your love and have an affordable wedding.


Limit the guest list


The guest list for the wedding should be as small as possible so that you are able to foot bills without having to worry where the money will come from. Both partners need to agree on how many people and which people are coming from each side. They need to go through the list together as they carefully select who will be invited. Eventually, the people who make it to the wedding guest list must be the people that both partners agree must be there. Just because someone went to the same school with you or lives in our neighbourhood or supports the same sports team is not reason enough for them to be on your wedding guestlist. The names on the guest list must be people who the couple has personal connections with. Besides, you are supposed to celebrate love with people you love, not the entire wide world.


Get a Free/Cheap Location


One way to cut down tremendously on your wedding budget is by making sure you have the wedding in a location that is either totally free or extremely affordable. Some options for places to have your wedding include at your home or your parents home or somewhere outside. Fancy hotels and such places are usually extremely expensive and will require you to book a day that is not booked. This will mean you have to move your wedding date to a day suitable for the hotel and not for you. To avoid this hustle and expense, simply have the wedding in a home setting where you can control the number of guests and where you are sure the costs are on anything other than hiring the venue.


Negotiate for everything


No matter how cheap the items on your wedding budget, you must  always negotiate. Service providers will give you their services at a cost that is okay for them to stay in business and okay for you to not spend an arm and a leg. As you look for the service providers, look everywhere and have as many options as you possibly can. One challenge with people when they are planning their weddings is having their eyes set on just one or a few service providers. Look around a lot more, you might get a service provider who is willing to come down to your budget price and still give you a wonderful service.


Start planning as early as possible


The most important ingredient to having a wedding budget that is affordable is planning early. No matter how far off the wedding date may be, there is no harm in starting your planning early. Start to identify specific items and services that you need and where you can get them. This will not only give you ample time to opt for cheaper alternatives, but it will also give the service providers enough time to plan for your event well. As soon as you and your partner have decided you will have a wedding, start to have the discussion about what you would like the wedding to look like and what options you have for things like food, drinks, decor, location, entertainment, etc.


Family and Friends Skills for Presents


One very smart thing you can do to reduce your budget costs is asking your friends and family to substitute their presents to you with skills and services. Therefore, instead of someone offering you a gift on your wedding day, they could opt to just offer their skills as a wedding planner, singer, florist, baker, etc. At the end of the day, it is better to have a friend or member of your family help you get the wedding moving than receive an expensive wall hanging or a second blender that you might end up not using anyway. 

04th November 2021


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