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7 Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Spice Up Your Event


Ordinarily, attending an event like a wedding party, birthday party, garden party, house party or any other kind of party means there will be plenty of alcohol. And this is usually the case for most events. However, there are people who might not have any interest in alcoholic drinks but would truly love to be a part of the party experience. Preparing some drinks for teetotalers might seem like a bit of a problem but it is really not difficult. In fact, there are some easy to prepare drinks you can have to cater to your teetotalers.




Everyone loves a good smoothie. If people are not interested in alcohol, they will have no problem with smoothies. Using different ingredients and spices, you can come up with some pretty delicious smoothies that will have people extremely happy. There are several kinds of smoothies you can go for and ultimately, these smoothies can be enhanced even more by adding some vegetables here and there. Basically, think about getting creative with the smoothies and before you know it, there will be a new smoothie created by you for the first time ever.


Homemade lemonade and limeade


Instead of buying lemonade and limeade from the supermarket, you can make it on your own and within the safe comfort of your home. One very great advantage with lemonade is you can have as many flavours as you like if you add different berries and other ingredients just to spice things up. Lime might have a bit of a strange taste in the mouth. Make sure you blend the limes into pulp. When you are done with this, mix it with soda water.




As strange as it may sound, water is a very huge favourite for teetotalers. As you consider the different drinks to have at your event, ensure that water is top on that list. To add a bit of zing to it, consider adding some herbs like rosemary, some cucumber, basil and mint or a squeeze of lemon juice. What you are trying to do is to give the water a bit of an added taste that will definitely be more appealing than just plain water.


Tea and Coffee


Tea and coffee are some of the most reliable and greatly consumed non-alcoholic beverages of all time. Therefore, having them at your event will give you just an edge and will most likely give your event a fresh and unique twist. Depending on the time of the day or night when your event is, having tea and coffee around will ensure that teetotalers are catered for rather well. In addition, lovers of tea and coffee will have no problem venturing into tea or coffee at any time of the day.


Citrus Peach Cooler


Anyone looking for options of drinks that are non-alcoholic for an event should seriously consider the citrus peach cooler. This age-old drink is simple and refreshing and will get the guests smiling because of the great taste. Oranges are a great way to go about this and so are pomelo grapefruit and clementines, depending on the season you are in. Whichever way you choose to go about it, you can be sure that the citrus peach cooler will be a favourite for many teetotalers.


Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail


This special drink is the answer to people who always assume that having parties can only happen with alcohol around. With this mocktail, you decide to put the alcohol aside and enjoy something just as great. Don’t forget to crush the mint so that the oils can be released. These oils will definitely add a lot more flavour to your great drink. Ultimately, people might assume that without alcohol there is no party but this pomegranate mojito mocktail will prove them otherwise.


Homemade Cordial


Having your own homemade cordial can be a great way to get things going for the non-alcoholic section of drinks. Again, depending on what season you are in, the choices can vary. Feel free to have several interesting combinations put together to get something unique and tasty. The fun in creating homemade cordial is you can get creative and try out many different combinations. After preparing the cordial, as long as it is well preserved it can last several weeks in the fridge. So this is a drink you can prepare once and enjoy over a long period of time, not just for parties and events but even at home.

05th November 2021


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