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Top 7 Things to Consider in Your Wedding Planning During Spring


Spring is such a beautiful time of the year with changing weather, blooming flowers and sprouting leaves on trees…..but can your wedding planning match this season?

It’s no great wonder that many couples choose to get married during this special season. You will want to know that there can be a few things worth noting about this season for your spring wedding planning.

Here are the top 7 things to consider in your wedding planning during spring.


1.     Venue Surroundings

While you are probably thinking about those beautiful photos in the lush landscape filled with beautiful greenery and florals your venue has, it’s important to bear in mind that not everything may be in bloom at the time of your wedding. We all can understand that plants bloom at different times during the spring.

It is therefore important to be sure where the best spots for pictures will be with flowers and trees that will be fully blooming in time for your wedding.


2.     Floral Creativity

What wedding goes without flowers! They’re the perfect way to decorate at your spring wedding and possibly naturally. They are, indeed the main symbol of the season, after all! However, how do you know exactly just the flowers that will appear on your big day? From blooming floral centerpieces, floral patterned bridal dresses to watercolour floral invitations, be sure that bloom can really make way through almost all aspects of your wedding.

Think creatively of ways of integrating nature’s bloom with any complementary imaginations from your florist.


3.     The Great British weather.

The first thing to take into consideration about a spring wedding is that the weather could really go either way at this time of the year anyway, but in many parts of the country, well, it’s the great British weather.

While the spring months can bring very warm weather filled with sunshine, they can also be quite rainy and tend to the colder side. There’s however the real chance that the weather will be perfectly mild as it’s meant to be in the spring.

It’s important that you plan for either way if you will be getting married outside during the spring months. You may also want to plan to have some kind of cover over your dress if you will be taking photos outside, just in case it’s cooler than expected.


4.     Special requirements

Spring is notorious for a lot of great things but it’s also the culprit behind seasonal allergies for many individuals. You, your future spouse, your immediate family or any of your wedding party guests don’t want a runny nose or itchy eyes to get in the way of your wedding day, after all. It may also be wise to keep some extra tissues on hand for your wedding party or guests.


5.     The beautiful spring colour palettes

A huge benefit of spring time weddings is their beautiful colour palettes. This season lends itself easily to pastel colours, pinks, turquoise blues and a host of neutral hues. You can add metallic colours and sparkles into the mix.

Because it’s a naturally bright and lively time of the year, your wedding colours can easily follow suit and look perfect while doing so. Bring these into your wedding dress code to bring that extra elegance even further.


6.     Creative cake selection

The spring is the perfect time to ditch heavier cake flavours like chocolate and red velvet for your wedding cake. Instead, go with lighter flavours like lemon, a classic white cake or even a pound cake with strawberry filling. These flavours of the season will be perfectly matched with a wedding this time of the year.


7.     Signature cocktails

Another thing to know about spring weddings is that they’re a great time to create a festive signature cocktail for the occasion. A fruity cocktail is a great addition to your menu, or something tangy like an infused lemonade could also be a hit!

Spring weddings are a great time to celebrate your love and to walk down the aisle. As you plan your wedding, keep these points about the time of year in mind to make your wedding as festive and memorable as possible.


Follow these tips on your way to building a successful spring wedding from your vision to identifying opportunities for your wedding event, these tips will be important in ensuring that your wedding is as best prepared as it can be.

There can’t be a better time to consider a spring wedding. It’s a bold step you’re choosing, so take it up with great fortitude.


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19th November 2021


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