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Tips on Holding a Successful Event


Tips on Holding a Successful Event


Whenever you are holding an event there are important bits and pieces of the event that need to be in place for it to be successful. Most people will look at event organisers running around like headless chicken and immediately assume organising events must be a headache. Yes, it can be a headache. However, if you have a proper checklist, you can be able to put together the perfect event without breaking a sweat.


Here are a few important things you need to put in place if you are to have a smooth and successful event.


  1. Location, Decor and Set up.


Certain events are better organised in specific places with particular decor and set up. For instance if you are looking at having a wedding, you might want to think of a location that is serene and picturesque since there will be pictures taken. And if you are holding a concert, you will probably want a place that is large enough to contain many numbers. The decor and set up of the place counts a lot towards how successful the event will be because they will give the event the life it deserves. An event can be judged by the location and set up that is going to host it. Always make sure you have the right elements for this.


  1. Security and Crowd Control


When having an event, it is important to ensure that the security of the event is up to speed. If you are planning to have 50 people at the event, the security should be able to ensure that no more than 50 people are let in. In addition, your crowd control is going to be in high gear so that even when you have the right number of 50 people, they do not overwhelm you in any way. You must always keep a finger on the pulse of the crowd so you control them at all times. No matter how much fun people might be having at your event, security is always important because ultimately as the event organiser you are responsible for all the people at your event.


  1. Program and Timing


An event is only as successful as its program. If you have an event that is supposed to run for 6 hours, always make sure you fit everything into at least 5 hours. Leave an hour for eventualities and unexpected occurrences. When you have an extra hour you can always allow for a few minutes of extension from one item on the program to another. If for instance the event is supposed to start at 1pm and end at 7pm, make sure you book your location for 12pm to say 8pm so that you give allowance for set up, an early start, a late finish and probably packing up.


  1. The Master of Ceremony


With the right Master of Ceremony you can be sure that your event will have the flavour and appeal that it deserves. You need the right person to keep the program running, to manage the event and basically to make people feel at home. Whether you are talking about an intimate wedding, a music concert, a product launch or a corporate company cocktail, the right MC will breathe life into the event and make sure that everything goes according to plan. When picking an MC for your event you need to get someone who understands the nature of the event as well as the people who are attending the event. You also need to get someone who understands the language and context of the event. The MC is the person who will give your event the life it deserves.


Whatever event you are planning to have, it is important that you plan for it well before executing. Most people like to outsource the responsibility of running the event to event organisers but with the right skill set, you can be able to pull things off yourself. Just create a checklist and make sure you have people allocated to each responsibility and you will be good to go.

13th October 2021


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