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Preparation of Child Light Meals

 Preparing meals for kids can be a daunting task whether you are doing it as a parent/guardian or you are doing it professionally/commercially. You have to put so many things into consideration. For starters, the food has got to be tasty so the kids can enjoy it. Secondly, you need to be sure that the food is easily digestible by the little ones and it has got to be very nutritious because as they grow, children need all the nutrients they can get. There are several ways you can go about preparing these light meals for children, here are some examples of options you could go for.


Chicken Parmesan Meatballs


This recipe is quite interesting because it is rather simple to prepare and will get the children licking their fingers at the same time. You can be able to turn your ordinary good old chicken into meatballs with a bit of a cheesy addition. This meal is low in calories, low in carbohydrates and is nut free and soy free so is very ideal for children. After you have prepared the meatballs, you can have them ‘warm’ the whole time after cooking so that they can be served for longer periods.


Barbecue Carrot Dogs


This one will most likely come off as a surprise but will surely get those veggie kids enjoying themselves to the full. This is indeed the ultimate barbecue meal for those children who are full vegetarian and will taste just like hot dogs. With this recipe you are able to serve buns that are whole-wheat hot dogs and you can even spice it up with as many different toppings as you prefer from ketchup to mustard to relish and even sauerkraut. This one is bound to be a favourite at barbecues.


Well fried Fish and Chips 


Fish and chips is a great favourite for many people, children inclusive. The fish and chips is often sold with paper so that the paper can effectively soak up the oil - and that is not a very good sign. To make sure you half the calories in this otherwise delicious meal, coat the fish in a lovely crispy crust of cornflake and then have it baked in the company of potatoes. The result is a delicious crunchy and tasty meal that you can then serve with malt vinegar as well as coleslaw. You could even opt to serve it with lemon wedges if you like.


Barbecue Chicken Pizza


Barbecue Chicken pizza is obviously a very delicious meal. However for purposes of making this a more worthwhile meal, try to have some shredded zucchini added to the sauce. This way, you will be giving the children a healthy meal as they will have some additional veggies added to their otherwise delicious chicken pizza. The idea here is to make something the kids will like and also something that will definitely be healthy for them, basically shooting two birds with one stone.


Mini bow ties with Bacon and Peas


For children, the idea of gobbling up their carrots and peas can be ten times more worthwhile when there is a bit of bacon in the equation. The fact is nearly every dish that has bacon tastes glorious. When you put the kids’ veggies in this awesome pasta you can be sure they will be asking for second and third helpings. Once again, you are shooting two birds with one stone by giving them something they love alongside something that is healthy for them - the perfect combination.


Sweet potato and Sausage Strata


A meal is always fun when kids feel like they have been a part of its preparation. For this special little dish, work with the kids and have them assemble the delicious oven baked meal. In the event that you are preparing this meal ahead of time, it is wiser to have it at room temperature right before you can bake it. This way, it will reheat in an even manner. When the kids take part in its preparation they will enjoy it a tad more. When it is ready, you can serve it with some juice on the side. 

26th October 2021


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