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Enjoying the Perfect Dessert


It is a widely held view that no meal is complete until you have had dessert. And while this is not entirely accurate, many people swear by dessert. However, it must also be remembered that dessert isn’t something you simply latch on and devour with no rules and/or regulations. You’ve got to be aware that there could be serious health risks if you don’t go about eating your dessert well. Desserts usually have plenty of fats, calories and added sugars and you must be careful how you enjoy them.  There are important things you must consider if you truly want to enjoy your dessert without worrying about any health risks.


Eat small portions


One very sure way to make sure you enjoy your dessert in small portions is to always use small bowls or to always eat the dessert out of small dishes. And while at it, always avoid getting any other helping of it after you have finished what is in your little dish. This therefore means while you are selecting whatever dessert is on offer, the idea is not to have a lot of it but rather to have very little. The assumption is the food you have enjoyed will have filled you up and the dessert is really an extra addition.


Make sure you enjoy a balanced meal first


Eating a balanced meal is a very important part of being healthy. And if you are planning to enjoy some dessert, it is always advisable that you eat healthy food. This means you need to eat a bit of carbs, protein, vitamins, minerals, fat, water and fibre. Dessert is of importance only if you are already treating your body right with the right kind of foods. Otherwise, you will be stocking up on sugars and calories while depriving your body of healthier food elements.


Eat what tastes good to you


As obvious as it may sound, you need to always eat the dessert that tastes good to you. There is no need going for any and everything that has been served. In certain instances, especially at buffets, you will find several desserts lined up for you to choose from. Only go for the ones that you actually like and not just what everybody is getting or what is in plenty. The dessert is supposed to be a nice treat for you and there is no point in going for something you won’t truly enjoy.


Dessert isn’t always compulsory


Many people tend to think that after every meal, there must be dessert. However, the truth of the matter is that dessert should only be reserved for special occasions. If you are going to have dessert after every meal, you are most likely going to stock up on tremendous amounts of unhealthy food attributes and in time, you will start to struggle with health issues. Save the dessert for special occasions and make sure you have it only once in a while.


Be Selective about your dessert


It is very wise for you to be extremely selective when deciding when to eat dessert. Most restaurants actually serve dessert that is extremely high in fat, sugar and calorie content. Try to avoid such dessert and stick to dessert that you are really sure of. As already mentioned, there is no harm in skipping the dessert. Also, if you are planning to have dessert after your meal, make sure the meal is low on calories and sugar. This means you need to plan out your entire meal from start to finish.


Some healthy options. 


Some recommended healthy dessert options include using whole grain flour for baking in the place of refined flour. You should also think about having some toasted nuts or having flax seeds added to the dessert you might be enjoying. Peanut butter oatmeal bars are an equally healthy alternative just like chocolate covered bananas. If you can, don’t opt for oil or butter, instead go for applesauce. You could even consider going for pumpkin puree. And when it comes to sugar, stay away from it and use stevia or honey instead. Finally, whipped cream is not a very healthy option for you. Instead go for nonfat and low sugar yoghurt which is a healthier option.

23rd October 2021


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