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Canapés for Party Food for a Quick Buffet

If you are working on an upcoming buffet, why not consider canapés for your guests?

Canapés are a perfect accompaniment to that fine glass of champagne or glass of wine for your next event buffet. They’re perfect for cocktail parties too. Get your guests into full spirits with these amazingly fine starter style party food before the formal function.

Canapés come in a choice of classic and contemporary bites as well as some ‘comfort bites’ for the heartier appetite.

Canapés are a simple yet appetising option for any buffet and they will look awesome besides the appeal of being small for your guests to go through them.

They are a mainly pastry or bread based and come in different forms and flavours for various diets and tastes. They come in many types including both savoury and sweet options.

They’re easy to make at home or alternatively can be purchased from superstores like Marks and Spenser that have a great range of party food lines.

We have found the Marks and Spencer’s 24 mini topped canapé platter at £12.50 a great value platter considering you get a selection of 6 of each of the smoked ham and mustard, egg mayo, Scottish Lochmuir smoked salmon & cream cheese and Roast beef & horseradish. It’s also available to collect in only 2 days which is great if you are really in for a quick buffet.

However M&S rather limited on choice and if you’re after something a little grandeur, this is only through the big caterers like we have here on that have access to the big catering suppliers. Brake’s food service for example has a choice of seven while 3663 food service has a choice of 19.

These range from fish, exotic, traditional, Chinese, Mexican European and American flavours to mention but a few, giving you a choice of how to theme your buffet.

Take a look at Brake’s food service Luxury Canapé selection, a 40 piece canapé pack. The selection is full of allsorts like they say. curried cheese with marinated chicken tikka on mini blinis; devilled eggs & cherry tomatoes on white sandwich bread; garlic & herb cheese with sundried tomato & cucumber on rye bread; goat’s cheese & sweet pepper on white sandwich bread; green peas & mint on mini blinis; guacamole & crab meat on mini blinis; salami & wholegrain mustard on white sandwich bread; and smoked salmon & chive cream on mini blinis five of each. Now that takes some making.

For style and Luxury, I have looked at the 3663 food service’s Young's Luxury Scottish Smoked Salmon Canapés as salmon and more so Scottish salmon is a main stay in the canapé world. At £65.86 for a park of 120 pieces, it’s still a reasonably priced canapé in the medium to high range of the buffet market; at least comparable to M&S’s price. This is really luxury and for those after style, there is not many that come in better authentic flavours. It’s essentially a garlic cream cheese cucumber and mayo mix wrapped in fine Scottish salmon


09th October 2014


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