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5 Things to Consider While Choosing the Perfect Restaurant


The average human thinks about food at least four times a day and will spend nearly 40 minutes a day just thinking about food. You are therefore likely to spend at least 14,600 minutes a year just thinking about food. Because of this, restaurants are a highly ranked go-to place for many people. Whether it is to enjoy a decent romantic date, to sample a much talked about chef’s special or to just get something in your stomach after a long day of hard work, the restaurant is a favourite place to be for many people.


Here is what you need to look out for if you are choosing the perfect restaurant.


1. Location of the Restaurant


Obviously, you want to get a place that is not so far away from your home. When you finish your meal, you won’t have to travel a long distance to get back home otherwise you might create problems with indigestion. After your meal, the body needs as much rest as possible to digest the food. And since restaurants don’t provide for you to hang around for too long, going home is ideal. Makes sense if home is not far off, right? And in the event that you simply want to order in, a nearby restaurant is cheaper and easier to deal with and you will be sure that your food will arrive while it is still fresh/hot.



2. Hygiene of the Restaurant


The average restaurant is actually not as hygienic as one would assume. Because restaurants are in the business of food, there are many pests and rodents that will start to show up to feed on food scraps. Make sure you locate a restaurant that is visibly clean in the eating area but is equally clean in the kitchen. It does not make sense to sit in a clean area and enjoy your meal when the kitchen where the food comes from is filthy. Try to find a restaurant that is clean both on the outside and on the inside.


3. The Decor & Outlook of the Restaurant


If you are looking to enjoy your meal in the perfect ambience, you will have to pay attention to the outlook of the restaurant. The decor, ambience, music, drapings, wall hangings, art and any other elements of the restaurant that you can see and admire physically are important. Research has it that places with good music and art are places where meals are better prepared and better enjoyed. A restaurant that does not make an effort to be attractive to customers is one that will not make much effort to have good food, you can be sure of that.




4. Value for money


It would be easy to say that one should look out for a restaurant that is cheap but that is not entirely true. The point is to find a restaurant that gives value for money. If you are paying a lot of money, you need to get the sort of service that good money pays for. Similarly, do not be shy to ask the restaurant why they are overcharging certain items on the menu if you do not think the value matches the price. Always remember that the more the money you are paying, the higher the value should be.


5. Top notch service


Above all else, make sure you look out for restaurants with waiters and waitresses who wear smiles, are patient, listen to your orders and/or complaints and are willing to treat you like the important customer you are. Some restaurants tend to treat customers based on how much their bill is worth, which is a wrong idea. No matter how little you are spending in a restaurant, you deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy.


Once you have identified the perfect restaurant, be sure to make it your regular eating place. Having a regular eating place is important because it allows for you to grow a relationship with the waiters and waitresses and possibly even the chefs. That way, they can start to look at you as a priority customer and eventually as family. Nobody gets favours more than family.

15th October 2021


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