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Business Caterers
Business Caterers

Planning a Corporate Buffet? Get the Tips on Best Practice

When it comes to business catering, it’s important that the best caterer is chosen to take the heat away from that very important business meeting. Be it a team building or a new product launch, you will find a caterer you will need for your day.

As a start, plan your menu in the full knowledge of your guests’ tastes and number. A tip is always not to over complicate it, as ‘less is more’ like the old adage goes. Consider is a fork buffet, hot buffet or a cold buffet is what is perfect for your guests. Simplicity is key but then again form always follow function. Consider theming your event, or if entertainment will add that extra spice. The more information you have when you get to talk to your caterer, the more likely it is to have a fabulous event.

So in short….

  • Plan ahead is the main rule in all these things as you might know already. At the time of the buffet, the event springs into life and there is always enough going on to keep you busy.
  • Keep organised and make some décor to add that extra spice to impress.
  • As part of you menu planning, consider tastes, flavour combinations while keeping it simple as often guests will like a bit of everything.
  • The choice of menu is important as it might well determine how involved you will be with your guests. Hiring staff for example from your caterer while keeping ahead with your planning ensures you have enough time to interact with your guests. A finger buffet on the other hand ensure guests are interacting with each other which can add some extra vibe.
  • Consider what space and equipment requirements you might want including water urns for a hot tea/coffee, hot holding equipment etc
  • Keep a close look at your budgeting, it can easily run out of hand as I have noticed over the years. A good balance of quality and price is a good way to go but if not sure, post a catering lead here on to get the best quote within your budget. You may be surprised what ideas our caterers might come up with.



Canapés come in different flavours and tastes. They are a simple appetiser to get your guests going. They can also be decorative too. Canapés can come as a selection like the classic canapé selection of pork & chicken liver pâté with cranberry, avocado & prawn, pepper salsa & goat’s cheese topped crostinis or simply a salmon canapé again in different flavours like oriental crab roulade, cream cheese & chive sandwich, sundried tomato & red pepper triangle plus a lot of other types some homemade. Discuss with your caterer, again you might be surprised what more ideas there are.

Finger buffet

We always advise a finger buffet not least because it free you up to have time to interact with your guests as mentioned earlier but also because of its simplicity. There is quite a lot you could consider for a finger buffet, from sandwich selections, snack selections to cheeseboards, nibbles, drumsticks, quiches, mini pies, and many more.

Deli plates of cold meats or smoked salmon, dips and crudités are equally great additions.

Hot Buffet

One pot hot dishes with a complex carbohydrate accompaniment is always a great choice. Remember that for hot buffets food hygiene regulations require that they be held for a maximum of two hours at least 65OC after which you’ve got to get rid of it. Also consider hot hold equipment will be required so a power point has to be accessible.

The range of hot dishes is pretty much only limited by imagination and scope. Other than that, chilli con carne, homemade pies, curries and chillies, Lasagnes are some of the main stream dishes most caterers will be comfortable preparing even at short notice.


Often over looked, drinks can not only spice of a buffet with their bustling colours and favours, they add to the whole buffet atmosphere. Consider cocktails even non-alcoholic cocktails as some guests will be driving back. If you are considering juice why not think of soft drinks, why not an interesting one, like elderflower, ginger beer and mint rather than plain juice or fizzy drinks adds impact. Remember to keep then chilled or have ice cubes on the side.

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