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Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties

A 5 step guide to a fitting Birthday Party; didn’t think it was as easy, did you?

Yet another birthday is approaching and you are yet again screeching for some ideas. We do know birthdays come around every year but can we make them memorable.  We list a five step guide that might help you keep the sweet memories of that special day, well, every year.

Plant it

Like for all things in life, it’s needless to point the importance of planning for a birthday party. As a rule, plan ahead a good 2-3 weeks and get close family and friends involved. They might have some brilliant ideas to help further spice up your day. A written plan is of course better than a fluid one to think about. And because you’re planning in time, you have the added benefit of changing things about as they suit. Get the guest list ready, and gather some information on tastes. Consider possible venues and have a discussion about what family and friends think is best. Like a smart planner, consider the unexpected, the great British weather, more or less guests turning up etc.

Theme it

Most memorable days we remember are those with a twist to them. Theming a party puts this extra twist to it. Be it food, décor, entertainment or guests dressing, there is many ways to theme a party. Almost all these are simple to theme with a little bit of effort. Whether by asking your guests to turn in a Walrus, Eleanor Rigby or a Yellow Submarine for a Beatles theme, or setting your garden up for food fight party, there is plenty of ways to give your party a twist. Décor can be a simple way to theme a birthday party effortlessly. Let’s face it, on most parties we see balloons, ribbons confetti etc. Try to be as creative as possible

Entertainment them

Here, a trick is in the venue setup. Good entertainment is better alongside a finger buffet for example and guests get to mix and talk to each other as they nibble away. Create some space on the side for entertainment, a magician or Ann Summers for example and some nice light background music to compliment. Get games running during the party, starting high temple (like a three-legged race or Twister) then moving onto low key social games like Pictionary or charades (or pass a parcel or board games for kids)

Feed them

A finger buffet is a perfect consideration for a birthday party. Besides it being simple to prepare, it’s a great way to keep your guests mobile, mixing and talking to each other. It also leaves you the time to make a great host. Drinks can also be setup on the same table for self service. There is lots of ways a perfect finger buffet can be done, but be sure to stick to the theme. But don’t be limited by this suggestion. Am sure a hot buffet or fork buffet or any other buffet for that matter can be tailored too.

Party extras

Again here, it’s all about being creative like getting your guests into some unusual activity or organising a freebee for them. Goody bags are a catch with kids but more so if they are well thought out to be unique and personal. Just a caution to be careful with gifts for toddlers’ goody bags for risk of choking. For adults, why not consider having a photo printer on hand take quick pictures of guests in an off moment and send it together with some party popper in a goody bag.


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